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Single Family Portfolio

South Florida Map

Single Family Portfolio

North Miami/South Broward, Florida

Property Highlights

Between 2010-2014, Savlan purchased single family homes out of foreclosure auctions. These homes are all located within the center of South Florida’s tight rental market. The portfolio is perpetually 100% occupied with strong 10% rental increases year over year.

The best assets of the portfolio were refinanced in 2016, returning all of the original capital with additional capital to be reinvested back into the portfolio. Seventeen outlaying homes were sold off individually to improve the scale of management.

Single Family PortfolioSingle Family Portfolio
Savlan Capital Single Family Investment PropertySavlan Capital Single Family Investment Property
Savlan Capital InvestmentsSavlan Capital Investments
Savlan Capital Single Family PropertySavlan Capital Single Family Property
Savlan Capital Home PropertySavlan Capital Home Property